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Hitting the target: Leadership Lessons from Team GB

The 2016 Paralympic Games provided a beautiful follow-on from Team GB’s Olympic success earlier in the summer. Performance1 is proud to have played a role – William is the sport psychologist with the Para-Rowing team, and Jonathan was in in Rio with the Paralympic Inspiration Programme, helping the next generation of athletes and coaches prepare…

Increasing our power

Overcoming our barriers to power

Our Difficult Conversations newsletter really struck a chord. So I want to build on this by addressing the underlying dynamic, which is power. How can I be powerful? How can I have impact? These are questions that dog us from the cradle to the grave, with a good deal of family and organisational life in…

The psychology (& psychopathology) of salesmanship

Alistair Mant The Mystery of Successful Selling On the surface, selling and buying are straightforward activities. The “prospect” or “mark” (the prospective buyer) has a need and scans the environment for a solution. There is a communication system on hand (from advertising to word-of-mouth) to help him find the solution. He scans the options, assesses…

Practice makes perfect…or just do it?

Jonathan Males compares and contrasts the worlds of business and sport, and sets out the lessons for managers from athletes. One of the big justifications for hosting the 2012 Olympics is that success on the sports field motivates and inspires the whole nation, and that Olympians are valuable role models. In the words of UK…