ART of Performance: Coaching a bulldozer to build trust

Building trust gets results

Sarah was a smart, ambitious leader who knew her part of the business inside-out. She didn’t put much time or energy into her working relationships, and assumed that everyone was the same. In her mind, as long as her team were hitting targets all was well. What was missing was trust. Her team didn’t really know her, and she didn’t know them. So decisions took a long time to pin down, and even then weren’t backed up strongly by her team. There was a lot of wasted energy because her team were always second-guessing what Sarah’s real motives were, and she seemed unapproachable.

What we did

We coached Sarah to harness her drive more effectively and to recognise her team’s individual talents. This helped her to appreciate different working styles, build trust and get more from her team.

The results

Her team delivered a faster and more professional service, with more energy and commitment.

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