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What’s cleaning the toilet got to do with personal change?

Lasting change needs accountability and awareness

  • Date24th August 2017
  • AuthorJonathan Males

A Leadership Manifesto

To help leaders to be more whole and more effective in their roles, to broaden their perspective beyond achieving personal and corporate profit, to include the needs of society and the long-term health of the planet.

  • Date20th November 2016
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Overcoming success!

William looks at the challenge of sustaining motivation after major success and how to get back on track

  • Date6th September 2013
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

What if 1% is not enough?

Jonathan asks – what if incremental improvement is not enough and a more radical change is needed?

  • Date11th April 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Where does motivation fit in the ART of Performance?

Jonathan explains how mastery motivation fits into business.

  • Date23rd January 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males