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What’s cleaning the toilet got to do with personal change?

Lasting change needs accountability and awareness

  • Date24th August 2017
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Are you bored of SMART goals? Try MAD ones instead

I’m bored by SMART goals. It’s all very worthy to make sure a goal is specific, realistic and so on, but where’s the energy and emotion? Goals are supposed to motivate, and emotion is the key to motivation. So, I propose an alternative; MAD goals

  • Date13th January 2017
  • AuthorJonathan Males

What skills and mindsets do millennial leaders need to be successful?

Do the millennial generation need to lead differently?

  • Date22nd March 2016
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

Coaching millennial leaders

How executive coaches need to adapt to the expectations, challenges and realities of millennial leaders

  • Date22nd March 2016
  • AuthorJonathan Males

In the Flow

Introducing ‘In The Flow’. A new practical guide to performance psychology for athletes and coaches

  • Date8th July 2014
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Focused or self-obsessed?

Jonathan explores the motivation of young athletes and the interplay between their professional and personal selves

  • Date16th October 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Overcoming success!

William looks at the challenge of sustaining motivation after major success and how to get back on track

  • Date6th September 2013
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

Exuberance in sport and life

Does exuberance help performance? Here’s what William thinks

  • Date19th April 2013
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

What if 1% is not enough?

Jonathan asks – what if incremental improvement is not enough and a more radical change is needed?

  • Date11th April 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Your body hears everything your mind says

Jonathan offers some advice for ambitious competitors

  • Date20th February 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Where does motivation fit in the ART of Performance?

Jonathan explains how mastery motivation fits into business.

  • Date23rd January 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males