We’ve long appreciated the power of conversation – after all, dialogue lies at the heart of coaching and underpins effective team relationships. Until now, our impact has largely focused on the individual leaders we coach, and their immediate teams.

That’s now changed.

We’ve found a new approach that will complement our work as executive and team coaches, and leverage our impact to improve engagement, leadership and performance right across a business.  It’s called Actionable Conversations TM, and it’s taken off in Australia, Canada and the US. We’re excited to be the first Actionable Consulting Partner in the UK.

Actionable Conversations TM provide time-starved managers with tools to build better relationships in the workplace, one conversation at a time. These one-hour, leader-led conversations leverage ideas from popular business books to tackle current real business challenges. The follow up “Commitment Engine” tracks professional growth and behaviour change, through a combination of peer accountability, gamification and behavioural psychology. Get better, together, in roughly an hour a month while working on your work.

We love the Actionable approach because an investment of one hour a month aligns with our 1% message from high performance sport – the right 1% change is enough to go from 4th place to the podium.

We also love the Actionable philosophy; that learning should be collaborative, fun, measurable and habit forming – not an event that doesn’t stick. It should have personal relevance and be something that simultaneously makes us better, our teams better, and provides organisational insight into the strengths and interests of the organisation’s future leaders.

Take a look at this website to learn more https://conversations.actionable.co

Or check out this 4 minute video


Better yet, get in touch and we can talk more in person about how this approach can build engagement in your business – after all, it’s all about the conversation.


Jonathan, William and the P1 team.