ART of Performance: Coaching back seat drivers

When there’s too much talk…

We once met a team responsible for leading cultural change within a large national organisation.
Every business has its own jargon and three letter acronyms, but conversations here bordered on the bizarre. Meetings were filled with earnest discussions about whether ‘Change for the Better’ needed to continue, or perhaps ‘Vision 21’ had superseded it?

What we did

When we (carefully) asked what real difference any of these programmes made, we received a wry answer; ‘not much’. But our question was important, because it prompted people to think more carefully about the reasons they were powerless.

The Results

We helped them identify the need for stronger engagement at Board level, and to develop the political skills to achieve this. They also recognised that they weren’t connecting strongly with their front-line delivery teams, so we helped them ask the right questions – and listen well enough – to have real influence.

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