ART of Performance: Coaching a Balanced Performer

Always seeking an edge

Phillip was the founder and CEO of a high-tech business. His inspiring vision for the company combined with his friendly and engaging style to attract a strong management team. Unlike many entrepreneurs, Phillip knew how to pick the right people and delegate effectively. As a consequence the business grew fast but on a solid footing. Yet Philip was aware that he was still on a learning curve himself, and he was afraid of becoming complacent at his company’s initial success.

What we did

Regular sessions with a Performance1 coach provided Philip with the protected time and space to step back and think deeply about himself and his business. Helped by perceptive questions and thoughtful challenge from his coach, Philip was able to test and develop new ideas in a safe environment, rather than distract his management team with too many initiatives. The coaching process also provided regular feedback that helped Philip stay alert to the
impact he was making on his team.

The Results

Philip was able to keep learning and growing in his role.