Leadership Renewal for CEOs or Board level executives

CEO facing big decisions

A CEO was facing big decisions about the future of his business and wanted to make good choices both personally and professionally.

So how did it work?

Jonathan began by seeking feedback from the CEO’s colleagues, non-executives, and even family members. In collaboration with Ben McNutt from Woodsmoke (www.woodsmoke.uk.com), Jonathan and the CEO planned and went on a week long wilderness retreat in Namibia. It was an opportunity to face new physical and emotional challenges, get away from routine and the distractions of mobile phones and emails. The time was spent exploring, learning bush craft skills, and long talks as the sun went down. It provided an ideal environment to make sense of the past and think deeply about the future.

The results

The CEO returned with renewed personal energy and strategic clarity for the business.

“I was looking for an opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone to break my established ‘patterns of life’ and to create space and time for some deep thinking about my life, career and my future. This process was supported by input from important people in my personal and professional life.

Jonathan and I spent time thinking about and discussing various aspects of my life and career and agreeing the right programme at a detailed level that met my needs, capabilities, availability and aspirations. This was effective preparatory work that ensured we made the most of our available time during the wilderness trip.  

Leadership Renewal provided overall clarity for my future professional and personal plans going forward. This has resulted in tangible actions in both spheres, which are meaningful, sustainable and very different to what has come before.

I recommend Leadership Renewal for CEOs or Board level executives who are approaching a crossroads in their lives and want a very different challenge.”