Align widely dispersed teams

A MD wanted his area managers to work together

The MD and management team of a regionally based business unit wanted area managers and teams to behave more consistently and take a stronger role with customers. There was inconsistent customer service in different geographical areas and employees were getting mixed messages about the organisation’s overall strategy.

How it worked?

Jonathan designed and facilitated a series of leadership workshops, each of which brought together more than 70 managers from across the region.  The workshops were highly engaging and interactive, and introduced new skills as well as building relationships and understanding.  The outcome was much more coherent collective leadership and more consistent customer service.

The results

“We worked with Jonathan several times and I am very pleased with the outcomes he is helping us to drive in terms of leadership development.  He uses his solid knowledge base and considerable experience to excellent effect.  I find his ability to facilitate groups to a desired end-point (almost without you realising what he is doing) refreshing.  His contributions are incredibly insightful and he has an impressive knack of saying or doing the right thing at the right moment in time.  I’d recommend him and Performance1 to any leader who wants to affect change or develop themselves to be more effective.”