Deliver better results through powerful working relationships

Helping a sales director get the best from his team

As Sales Director, Richard had an excellent grasp of the business. He lead through close control and high levels of contact with his team, but knew that as his senior management team responsibilities increased, he would not have time to work so closely with his direct reports. He wanted to evolve his leadership approach to release the potential of his managers, and also free himself to take a more strategic approach.

So how did it work?

William helped Richard to explore the stress points when he was more likely to revert to a controlling approach, and to develop strategies to manage more effectively. These included scheduling daily time for planning, making time to reflect each day, and developing his ability to take a coaching approach with his direct reports.

The results

“The results have been better working relationships and, not surprisingly, better results. I’m not talking about big changes here but subtle ones that have a big impact. William’s ability to dig deep and get to the real reasons why you do things and the real thoughts you have is a huge talent. Highly recommended!”