ART of Performance: Coaching when you're struggling

Finding solid ground

Ron was promoted from a technical role to lead on strategy– a step he at first welcomed as a fresh challenge. He found himself in an ambiguous, highly charged political environment that brought him into regular contact with senior power-players. Ostensibly recruited because of his ‘hands-on’ knowledge, he soon found that what was ‘right’ technically could often be ‘wrong’ politically. His network was thin in this part of the business, so he had little peer support. Ron found himself
 in a downward spiral – he felt under-valued so his confidence fell, and as his confidence fell he found 
it even harder to contribute effectively. He was struggling, and feeling anxious and depressed as
 a consequence. Ron’s manager knew there was a problem but also felt stuck about what to do.

What we did

We worked closely with Ron to help him understand his new context and rules of engagement. He started to take responsibility only for what he could control and responded less personally to criticism. Coaching also helped him to strengthen his influencing skills and build a network of allies.

The Results

Ron’s resilience improved and so did his confidence. He was soon comfortable and effective in his new role – much to his, and his boss’s relief.

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