How to retain and refresh talent

“I don’t want to get complacent”

Tim was a MD who had been successfully leading a growing business for 10 years. As an industry expert, he’d needed little formal development in the role and worked autonomously. Never wanting to become complacent, he started to question whether he was still getting the best out of his team and himself. He was also frustrated that he was unable to devote as much attention as he wanted to the company’s long term strategy. His HR Manager suggested that he might benefit from working with an executive coach who could provide an independent perspective.

So how did it work?

Jonathan met with Tim and they agreed on a focused programme comprising 360 degree feedback and four coaching sessions over the course of a year. Jonathan spoke to Board members, Tim’s management team and a selection of his General Managers.  The process provided a fresh and powerful perspective on Tim’s leadership.  Much of it was re-assuring and affirmed that Tim was an effective and well-respected manager.  It also pointed to some “1% areas” where a small change could make a big difference to his team’s performance. For example, he learned that he sometimes came across as overly critical during conference calls, so he took a little more time to check on how his team was responding. This increased their confidence and commitment. The coaching also provided the regular space in his hectic schedule to step back and think deeply about the business and his priorities.

The results

  • Moved forward on his business growth strategy.
  • Addressed tough decisions with renewed energy and confidence.
  • Strengthened working relationships with his direct reports.