ART of Performance: Coaching when things are too cozy

Cakes anyone?

We once worked with a team where, on the surface all was well. People looked busy and the atmosphere was friendly, and no birthday ever passed without cakes and a long lunch. A new team leader arrived, and soon called us because of his growing sense of unease. “I’m worried that we’ve become complacent,” he explained, “everyone seems to get on well, but I don’t think there’s enough constructive challenge within the team. We’re avoiding awkward issues because people are worried about damaging their friendships”.  He was also starting to pick up worrying feedback about the service received by the team’s customers.

What we did

We facilitated an away day where we taught the team the skills to deliver tough messages in a fair and transparent manner.  We also helped their boss to paint a very clear picture of the team’s role and contribution, which “woke them up” to get more business focused.

The Results

The team started to challenge each other and drive forward to make a real difference for their customers

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