Senior Team Impact

Unlocking Potential

Alan was a senior finance professional in a major enterprise. He had undertaken a range of in-house leadership programmes, but was still dissatisfied with his performance at work.

He knew from his boss’s feedback that he was not making a positive impact and was failing to contribute confidently in Board meetings.  This was particularly frustrating, because Alan’s expertise and financial insights were known by all to be extremely valuable for the business.

How it worked?

Alan asked to work with a coach, and was introduced to Jonathan. The work began with a 3 way meeting with Alan and his boss, who provided frank and constructive feedback. Even more importantly, this interaction provided Jonathan with a valuable insight into Alan’s relationship with his boss.

Exploring this further in the coaching sessions led Alan to realise how and why he was limiting himself in critical meetings with senior leaders.  His early life experience had led Alan to believe that he had to be perfect in the eyes of his parents to gain their approval. Whilst this belief had a positive impact on his drive and ambition, it also limited his confidence and meant that unless he was 100% sure of himself, he would say nothing because he was fearful of being wrong.

This profound insight unlocked Alan’s confidence and he started to experiment with the 80/20 principle; speaking up when he felt at least 80% sure of his view, and seeking solutions that were ‘good enough’ rather than perfect. This simple change triggered a remarkable increase in self-awareness and self-confidence, which in turn created a virtuous circle, as his team and boss noticed the positive difference Alan’s impact.

The results

After only four coaching sessions, Alan reported a significant improvement in his ability to delegate to and coach his team.

He was able to maintain his presence and stature in meetings and was far more vocal in his contributions, which was greatly appreciated by the Board.

Within a year of the coaching, he was selected as successor to the company’s CFO.