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Finding your 1% – 3 critical habits to improve your performance

Jonathan proposes three 1% areas to help improve your performance.

  • Date9th November 2017
  • AuthorJonathan Males
  • Date13th January 2017
  • AuthorJonathan Males

A Leadership Manifesto

I want to help leaders be more whole in themselves, more effective in their roles, and more capable of establishing honest and productive relationships.

  • Date20th November 2016
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Coaching Leaders in a VUCA World – P1 Peer Learning Event

Here’s what we learned about coaching in a VUCA world

  • Date8th November 2016
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

What skills and mindsets do millennial leaders need to be successful?

Do the millennial generation need to lead differently?

  • Date22nd March 2016
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

Coaching millennial leaders

How executive coaches need to adapt to the expectations, challenges and realities of millennial leaders

  • Date22nd March 2016
  • AuthorJonathan Males

How can executive coaching support sustainability?

Jonathan Males discusses this important challenge

  • Date12th November 2015
  • AuthorJonathan Males

The Commitment Switch

Jonathan Males explores the concept of ‘the commitment switch’ and identifies ways for you to strengthen yours.

  • Date21st May 2015
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Challenge in coaching

More clients are asking for a coach who will challenge them – but what does this mean and what are the risks?

  • Date29th October 2014
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Overcoming success!

William looks at the challenge of sustaining motivation after major success and how to get back on track

  • Date6th September 2013
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

Exuberance in sport and life

Does exuberance help performance? Here’s what William thinks

  • Date19th April 2013
  • AuthorWilliam Winstone

What if 1% is not enough?

Jonathan asks – what if incremental improvement is not enough and a more radical change is needed?

  • Date11th April 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Learning about leadership from a horse?

The principle is simple – horses respond immediately to people’s spoken and unspoken behavior.

  • Date5th March 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Is it relevant what other people think of you?

Jonathan Males reflects on the value of feedback from others and how it can help

  • Date5th February 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males

Where does motivation fit in the ART of Performance?

Jonathan explains how mastery motivation fits into business.

  • Date23rd January 2013
  • AuthorJonathan Males