Change that sticks

Improvement and learning come by taking personal responsibility, building self-awareness, and committing to creating new habits, one small step at a time.

In top level sport, 1% is the difference between 4th place and winning a medal, so we encourage you to discover the 1% shift that will help you succeed.  We also believe that a 1% change needs to becomes second nature. Otherwise the new insights and best intentions of a training session or coaching conversation are wasted.

That’s why we offer an integrated approach that combines coaching and facilitated training sessions with one hour, leader–led team conversations. Together, these consolidate learning, sustain behaviour change and develop team and organisational culture.

The conversation leader receives a detailed guide and each team member receives a short pre-read via an efficient on-line platform. Conversations take ideas from popular business books, or apply core content from a training workshop, to tackle current real business challenges. Each team member is then invited to identify a specific change to which they commit over the next 30 days. The follow up “Commitment Engine” tracks professional growth and behaviour change, through a combination of peer accountability and behavioural psychology.  We provide all necessary coaching support to the conversation leader before and after the sessions, so that they feel confident and well-equipped.

This approach is Actionable Conversations TM, and it’s taken off in Australia, Canada and the US. We’re excited to be the first Actionable Consulting Partner in the UK.

We share Actionable’s ambition – to elevate corporate learning, taking it from event-based training to learning that creates measurable, organization-wide change.

Learn more about it here Actionable Conversations

Or check out this 4 minute video:

We’re integrating Actionable Conversations in several ways:

Individual Coaching

Adding a series of Actionable Conversations to an executive coaching programme creates an immediate bridge from the leader’s own development  to his or her team. Actionable Conversations create a forum for the leader to develop and practice new skills, and the on-going coaching provides feedback, insight and fine-tuning of the Actionable content to meet emerging needs.

Team Coaching

Facilitated team events are a powerful intervention, but they can be hard to organise frequently. After a facilitated off-site event, Actionable Conversations help a team sustain and embed improvements to communication, trust and shared commitment. This is an agile and cost effective option that works even for remote or virtual teams.

ART of Performance and Leadership Development

The ART of Performance helps individuals identify how they can improve their leadership and creates a powerful context for learning. A combination of facilitated workshops and Actionable Conversations  develops  leadership skills on the job, in the business context, with clear accountability. Using Actionable makes it easy and inexpensive to cascade the language and models core to our programmes further through the organization, ensuring it becomes embedded in your culture. We (and you) can see – in real time – which concepts resonate, who’s applying them and where our areas of opportunity might be in further working with teams or departments to make the learning stick.”  We can also support strategy and culture change programmes, because the Actionable platform provides an agile forum for leaders and teams to engage with and apply new ideas.