Learning at the speed of change

To perform in a complex world, you’ve got to learn – fast. Faster than the pace of change and faster than your competitors.

But learning without changed behaviour won’t achieve your business outcomes. We’re committed to helping you make clear choices about the changes you want to make and you’ll feel this commitment when you work with us in person. We use the Actionable online Habit Builder to extend our impact and help you make a real change in the 30 days following our time together.

The Habit Builder is simple, web-based, and extremely light weight—you can “check in” on your behaviour change progress in as few as 2 clicks on your phone or laptop. You can choose when and how to receive notifications, select an accountability buddy to keep you on track, and write brief journal entries about your progress. Your progress is visible to your coach to help stay in touch between sessions.

We also use the Actionable platform to deliver fast and effective learning beyond our off-site events and training workshops. We thin slice key concepts from our live sessions into 60-minute “Conversation Modules”, empowering participants to revisit and apply key concepts in their daily work activities.  We provide nominated workshop participants with the tools and support to guide a team-based conversation about one key concept from our session. Teams get reinforcement and practice with the concept, conversation hosts gain skills, you can efficiently spread new learning, and you get data that shows real time application in the workplace.

Learn more about it here: Actionable Conversations

Or check out this 4 minute video: