Coach training

Coaching is a powerful leadership skill that allows managers to unlock the motivation, commitment and creativity of their direct reports and peers. And a coaching culture gives the whole organisation a competitive advantage through more engaged people who learn fast. Our coach training shows managers how to enhance their own distinctive management style and develop powerful coaching skills. We base our approach on many years experience as coaches in Olympic sport and business. In both domains leaders must know when to lead from the front, and when to get alongside their team to help them find their own solutions.

Coach Training Programme

We have a highly flexible approach that includes one hour, leader led conversations, half day workshops and Short Course (1.5 days) and ART of Coaching (3.5 days) coach training programmes.

The ART of Coaching Short Course

1 full day and ½ day follow on

The main day delivers a packed programme of coaching practice, underpinned by a simple coaching framework. By the end of the day managers will be equipped to coach both colleagues and direct reports and bring new creativity and resourcefulness to a range of situations.

The ART of Coaching

3 full days and ½ day follow on

Over and above the outcomes of the Short Course, the ART of Coaching gives depth and extra substance to a manager’s development as a coach over a four-month period. The 4 – 6 week gaps between each day of training gives time for practical peer coaching, feedback and learning.  Participants will do more than develop as coaches; they also accelerate their development as leaders through greater self-awareness and a more comprehensive ‘big picture’ perspective of their organisation and its people.

For all our coach training modules, participants evaluate their progress and set new goals through the Actionable Conversations instant commitment engine – an online tool that tracks professional growth and behaviour change, through a combination of peer accountability and behavioural psychology.

How Coach Training helps

  • Greater employee engagement and commitment
  • Faster and more focused change
  • Better working relationships
  • More effective team communication
  • Clearer delegation so managers can focus on their own priorities
  • Increased creativity
  • Managers who are confident to engage in, rather than avoid difficult conversations