Sports psychology

This is deep in our heritage: we’re experienced sport psychologists with a long history of working with Team GB, Paralympics GB and a host of sports at the highest level. Jonathan competed and coached Canoe Slalom internationally and has worked with Olympic teams since 1992, while William supported Team GB and the British Canoe Slalom and Sprint teams as they prepared for Beijing and London. Rio 2016 kept us on our toes as we worked with Paralympics GB, GB Rowing, individual athletes and coaches.

The Programme

We work with the performers themselves, their coaches and the support teams.

With individuals, we’ll help you develop the four Fundamental sports psychology capabilities that underpin outstanding performance; Mastery Motivation, Execution, Decision Making and Teamwork. These help you think straight, relate well and act powerfully under pressure. We help you to develop your own Performance Demand Model that will guide you right the way through your major competitions.

Even in sports where a single athlete stands alone, they’re still reliant on their coach and support team. That’s why it’s so important to foster the relationships between team members and strengthen their support network. We can help build strong teams that perform under pressure.

A typical sports psychology programme

  •  A ‘no obligation’ meeting in person or by Skype, for half an hour or so, to explore your situation  and get to know each other.
  • If we agree to proceed, you complete our Fundamentals psychology profile that will help identify the specific areas where we need to work.
  • We  then schedule a series of face to face meetings or Skype calls in which we will help you develop new tactics and attitudes towards competition.  Each call will last up to an hour, and will take place every 2 – 3 weeks.
  • We  provide additional reading material by e-mail.
  • Normally we work with people for blocks of 3, one hour sessions.  We then review and agree whether and how to continue working together.

In the Flow

In the Flow is the latest book by world-leading sport psychologist Jonathan Males on performance for winning in canoeing, kayaking and other paddlesports. The book’s easy to read and packed with insightful and practical information, not only for competitive athletes and recreational river runners, but also for those seeking high performance in any field.

In the Flow cover

Paperback and e-book copies are available from any online retailer or direct from

We also write regular sports psychology articles  for

How sport psychology helps

  • Improved resilience
  • Reduces the negative impact of anxiety
  • Sustains motivation
  • Maximises potential
  • Perform under pressure
  • Enjoy training and competition