Team coaching

We’ve been doing this a long time and know that team coaching is more than simply coaching a group of individuals. Established management teams, project-specific teams, and cross-business working groups all vary. Some teams have a clear leader and hierarchy, while others have a flat structure, but any team’s performance relies on more than the sum of individual contributions.

Powerful, effective teams all share three characteristics:

  1. They are bound together by a shared agenda and purpose

  2. They have a leader who takes accountability and uses their role to serve the team’s purpose.

  3. They have developed the capacity to Act, Relate and Think together.

The programme

We tailor our Team Coaching to your team’s specific needs, following our proven framework:


We use a combination of interviews, questionnaires and our unique ART of Performance team diagnostic to understand your team, your issues, and your potential. Then we agree with you the most appropriate program of team coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals.

Team Coaching

Our role is to bring a fresh perspective that educates, empowers and enables teams to function at their best. We will coach your team through a series of three working sessions. Often we will recommend that the first of these involves an overnight stay to create a protected learning environment, but the sessions can be as short as half a day depending on your situation and constraints. The sessions are highly practical and allow your team to develop new skills that enhance your ability to Act, Relate and Think together. You will be working on your real business issues, not role-plays, case studies or games. Through this period we provide coaching for the team leader and key relationships.

Helping change to stick

Following a team workshop, each team member is invited to identify a specific change to which they commit over the next 30 days. The Actionable online platform then helps each person to track professional growth and behaviour change, through a combination of peer accountability and behavioural psychology. This helps to sustain and embed real behaviour change.


A typical team coaching program lasts between four and five months. At the end of this time we will help you review your progress and consolidate your team’s performance gains.


How does Team Coaching help?

  • Reduced conflict
  • More effective meetings
  • New teams get traction faster
  • New solutions to old problems
  • Fresh thinking and teams keep learning
  • Increased commitment to team goals
  • Greater team leadership across your business