How to future-proof your leadership

Organisational life continues to change at a remarkable pace, and recently PWC produced a study predicting how the ‘Workforce of the future’ may look in 2030, with a quiz to help you consider which of the following worlds you are most drawn to: Red (Innovative Tech), Blue (Corporate), Green (Purpose driven) and Yellow (Human focused). You can take the quiz here.

Future organisations will include aspects of all four of the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow worlds of work. Leaders will need to lead through all of them, with different skills to the fore. Red will require you to re-imagine what is possible, and the agility to try small scale experiments. Blue to fully commit to your organisation, harness the levers of capitalism, and manage your own and your people’s resilience. You will have to give a lot, and potentially gain a lot. Green leadership will need you to be clear about your purpose and that of your organisation, and how that purpose meaningfully benefits individuals, communities and the planet. Yellow is closely allied to Green and as a leader you care about social impact, staff morale and ensuring that the organisation has a strong social conscience.

Which of these leadership styles is your strength? And as the world keeps changing, which do you want to grow?

In our work as executive coaches, we help leaders develop the agility to surf, swim and dive deep in all of these waters, whilst maintaining a healthy supply of oxygen that will enable them to maintain balance and perspective.

We provide a calm space where leaders embark on vital work that includes:

  • Clarifying your values and purpose as a leader, and that of your organisation (Green)
  • Creating space to think strategically (Red and Blue)
  • Reviewing and prioritising where and how to devote your organisation’s scarce discretionary energy in a world awash with information (Blue)
  • Exploring the key business relationships that your business most depends on, especially when conflicted (Yellow)
  • Managing your own wellbeing and resilience and that of your team (Blue and Yellow)

We’d love to help you look ahead to 2030 and evolve your approach to the future and the present. If you’d like to find out more about how Performance1 can help you, your teams or your whole business then do get in touch.


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