Humanised High Performance – an antidote to busyness

As 2018 draws to a close, we invite you to take a moment to pause and reflect on your performance at work.

We notice how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by an uncertain and confusing political context, and as individuals we may feel pretty powerless to make a difference. Thankfully, there are constructive things we CAN do that enable us to have a powerful impact within our circle of influence, in a way that sustains our values and long-term health.

Specifically, think about how you could do a little more to:


Work towards meaningful goals that lead to outcomes, not just outputs.

Under pressure it’s easy to get fixated on immediate, short term targets. In doing so we can lose sight of why the goal is important, or of the change it is intended to create.  So, we settle for ‘ticking the box’ rather than contributing to a significant outcome.


Pause to appreciate and encourage others.

Just as stress leads to a narrow focus, it also means we can turn people into objects or impersonal roles. Remember that there’s a human being there!


Learn and expand horizons, not just stick in a safe rut.

Old habits make life easy, but can also lead to boredom and poor performance. What new skills can you learn in the year ahead?

We wish you, your colleagues and your families all the best for the Christmas and holiday season, and look forward to working with you to create healthier, high performing organisations in 2019.

~ Jonathan, William and the P1 team


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