Introducing Mezzana Partners

As we flagged in our last newsletter, Performance1 is going through a major transition. From January 2020, we’ll become Mezzana Partners. We’d like to tell you more about this change and what it means for you.

Why Mezzana?

27 years ago, Jonathan landed the job as Men’s Kayak Coach for the Great Britain Slalom team. It was a daunting prospect. He was inheriting a squad of already highly successful athletes (who had achieved more than he had as a paddler) and taking over from a very experienced coach (who had achieved far more than he had as a coach).

Faced with the challenge of trying to add value to an already successful team, he focused on building an environment of excellence and collaboration to enable the paddlers to perform at their best. At the 1993 World Championships – which took place in Mezzana high in the Italian Alps – there was an almost clean sweep across team and individual events, a significant improvement on the Barcelona Olympics results the year before.  So, Mezzana captures the essence of great team performance.

Teams are the key to organisational success

Our firm belief is that the future of your business lies in how well your teams are performing, and how well your leaders are leading those teams to keep learning and improving. Mezzana Partners will focus on helping your teams think, act and relate as high performing teams, led by transformational leaders who help their teams and whole organisation thrive. We’ll take our experience honed over the past 27 years working in high performance with successful organisations, blend it with our deep expertise in the psychology of teams, and channel it to help your business make the step changes it needs to make a purposeful contribution in a complex world.

Welcome Katherine Bond

We’re pleased to announce that we’re joined by a new partner, Katherine Bond. We’ve known Katherine for over 20 years, and like us, she’s a performance psychologist with many years business experience and multiple Olympic campaigns behind her. Katherine complements our skills whilst being completely aligned with our values, and we’re excited by what she brings to us – and to you as our clients.

We’ll get in touch in early 2020, as Mezzana Partners, to share more of how we can work together to develop exceptional teams, transform leaders and build thriving workplaces.

In the meantime, we wish you a restful and peaceful Christmas and holiday season.

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