It’s time for us to change


Performance1 will be twenty years old this month. Since 2000 we’ve worked with thousands of people in more than sixty companies to help them think straight, relate well and act powerfully. One of our key messages has been the importance of 1% change. At P1, we like to think we’ve practiced what we preach, and have continued to evolve and improve.

But we know that progress doesn’t always occur incrementally, and that there are times when step changes are needed. It feels to us like one of those times is right now.

The next decade presents very different conditions from 2000. We face unprecedented challenges and threats to our well-being. At the same time, incredible new possibilities arise from the wise use of technology.

So we’re reinventing our business. We’re rethinking how we can best make a difference to your business and to how we face the challenges of the tumultuous era ahead. And that involves making a step change to how we work with you.

So, in January 2020, we’ll be launching Mezzana Partners, our new vehicle for the decade ahead, and saying goodbye to Performance 1. We’ll be in touch again soon to tell you how Mezzana will help organisations thrive – and stay thriving – by working with teams and their leaders. Meantime, if you simply can’t wait and are curious to know more, drop us a line – we’d love to give you an early insight into our new business!

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