“It’s too soon to tell”

“It’s too soon to tell” – a response attributed to Chinese Premier Chou en Lai, when asked for his views on the historical implications of the French revolution. Apocryphal or not, this seems like a sensible answer to the possible implications of 2016.  It certainly feels like we’re amid significant change, which creates uncertainty at many levels. How do we cope, let alone perform, in this context?

Here are three tactics for the year ahead:

  1. Remain mindful. It’s easy to get lost in worries and uncertainty and let fears for the future spiral into depression or panic.  Staying attuned to your present, immediate reality helps to maintain a sense of calm and resourcefulness.
  2. Stay open to different perspectives. As politics and public discourse are becoming more polarized, there’s a tendency to blame and objectify those whose views are different from our own. Every point of view is likely to contain at least a partial truth, and the more we can develop a rich understanding of other people’s perspectives the more likely we are to find solutions that meet the needs of the many, not just the few.
  3. Optimism is still a choice. Despite the many challenges in the world, good things are happening too. By staying alert to the positives, we can maintain energy and resilience that helps us to move quickly when an opportunity arises.

So, while no-one knows exactly what 2017 will bring, we retain our faith in the human capacity to think creatively, collaborate and mobilize for action. We look forward to working with our current clients, and new ones too, to meet the challenges and explore the opportunities that lie ahead.

All the very best for Christmas and the festive season from Performance1.

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