Performance trends in 2014

As business confidence has grown throughout the year, we’ve seen companies return to investing in leadership development. This has resulted in us working with new clients in financial services, legal, digital media, pharmaceutical and retail sectors.

Across all our clients we’ve noticed a couple of intriguing trends. Here are our observations, framed against the ART of Performance


Focused attention and action is critical to leadership. Yet leaders (and perhaps all of us) report an overwhelming flood of information that makes it hard to filter and sustain attention on what’s most important. So we encourage our clients to develop simple, yet powerful skills in mindfulness to help maintain their inner equilibrium.


Good decisions require open dialogue and a willingness to listen to different, and at times challenging points of view. Yet we regularly hear of the frustration that’s caused when working relationships aren’t strong enough to hold differing opinions through mistrust and fear of conflict. In today’s complex world no single individual has all the answers, so through our team coaching we regularly find ourselves helping to build robust and productive relationships.


We’ve noticed that many leaders need help to manage the planning paradox. On the one hand, it’s increasingly clear that businesses need to take a long term view, building sustainability into their strategic plans. Yet there is an equally strong need to remain agile and respond quickly to emerging changes. An effective coaching relationship provides the space and structure for leaders to grapple with these tensions. We encourage an attitude of thoughtful experimentation, testing and learning, knowing that there are rarely simple black and white answers.

If you recognise any of these three themes in your business and would like to know more about how we can help, contact us here.

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