Why are teams a powerful vehicle for change?


Why are teams a powerful vehicle for change?

One of the main challenges facing leaders today is that of getting people to change, fast. “I need my people to be more agile”, “They work in siloes and don’t collaborate”, “They just won’t adopt the new technology” are all regular complaints we hear from our clients.  We’re skilled at helping leaders improve their own clarity and commitment about change, and we’ve always observed that this impact is hugely magnified when we also coach the leader’s team.

We see several big advantages to team coaching:

  • Teams produce far more output than individual contributors, so investing time and energy on getting teams working better – together – is a no brainer.
  • Leading organisational change becomes the responsibility of the whole senior team, not only the CEO.
  • Senior leaders can more readily influence their own functional teams, creating greater leverage for change.
  • New insights and behaviours are more readily sustained and turned into new performance habits when there is strong peer accountability.
  • A shared learning environment creates a shared experience that builds trust and candour.

Team coaching is more than coaching a group of individuals, because it requires attention to the behavioural and communication patterns, which gets complex especially with larger teams. We typically coach teams as a team of two, which allows us to bring four eyes and two brains to the process. And as one client recently asked “what’s your secret to working together so well?” – at our best we can be useful role models.

We’ll be focusing more on team coaching in coming months – and would love to talk with you about how team coaching could help your people change, fast.

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