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  • Getting serious about change

    We believe the organisations that learn fastest will be the ones that thrive in an increasingly unpredictable world. Here’s what we’re doing to support them.

  • High performance; humanised

    Three practical approaches to humanising how you Act, Relate and Think that we encourage all our clients to adopt.

  • Humanising high performance

    As we come out of the holiday season and start to look at the year ahead, we want to share our thinking about what performance needs to mean in 2018 and beyond.


  • How insights from sport are still relevant in business

    Being a successful business leader requires more than just replicating the mind-set of an Olympic athlete. Jonathan identifies the additional capabilities that are required.

  • Want to improve your performance? Then develop new habits

    Here are four great resources to help you build new habits. Don’t wait for January and new year resolutions to make a change– that’s still months away. Start now, and you’ll be hitting 2018 with real momentum and fresh skills.

  • The Dark Side of High Performance

    We explore how leaders can meet and exceed the demands of clients, shareholders and stakeholders, whilst maintaining personal and corporate wellbeing.

  • Thriving in challenging times

    The need to Act purposely has never been greater. Yet we all know how easy it is to get distracted. So, we’ve collated a selection of short, practical resources that can help you focus in a frazzled world.