Overcoming success!

Interesting to read Andy Murray’s reflections after his exit from the US Open. Primarily his difficulty in motivating himself after a momentous 13 months that culminated with winning Wimbledon. http://goo.gl/7NdLZY

It’s a reminder that the ‘success’ that has brought relief, enjoyment and possibly wealth,┬ácan bring as many challenges as ‘failure’ for elite athletes and people in all walks of life. Many of you will be surprised at the difficulties faced by Olympic and Paralympic Gold medallists when their life time goal has been achieved. When previously all of life had been neatly packaged up and channelled into a particular sporting endeavour, other questions can now come into play:

  • What’s really important to me now?
  • How do I now motivate myself?
  • Will this change me?
  • Who can I trust?
  • How do I handle becoming a publicly recognised figure?

This is a major life transition, and as such requires reflection and the space to recharge and reconnect with what is really important. As executive coaches and performance psychologists, we don’t only work with the foreground, more obvious issues that drive success, we also support senior leaders and athletes in answering the longer term, deeper questions that support their long term drive and motivation.