Business Manager

Dave Clinton

Dave’s background

Add a commercial eye and a forensic brain to an Irish tongue and a heart with a passion for education, and you have the makings of Dave Clinton. His academic background is in psychology and his first career was in teaching, especially with autistic children. He became so adept at handling behavioural problems that he was tempted to the USA for 13 years to work with the May Institute, which provides special educational services from Massachusetts to the Carolinas.

During his time there, he became interested in applying his methods to teachers themselves, helping to prevent or treat burn-out among educational managers drowning under workload pressures and stress. In 2000, he came back to the UK to go on growing his reputation as a coach, and now has clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

Along the way, Dave has also developed a nose for other problems. At a service organisation, for instance, he noticed an odd dip in revenue from one of its sites – and found a team of conscientious caseworkers so wrapped up in their tasks that they were forgetting to set up customer contracts, and so fed up with being ignored by head office that they’d stopped reporting on their activities or invoicing for them. Dave’s commercial skill recovered $100,000. His psychological insight led him to ensure that some of the recovered money was re-invested in the site – thereby re-establishing the loyalty (and financial discipline) of the staff in the field.