Executive coaching that retains talented players

Retaining and refreshing talent

Talent management is all about getting the right person in the right job at the right time. Easier said than done. It can be tough to align an individual’s needs with those of a business, and the cost of getting it wrong is high. Poor performance, lost time, dissatisfied customers, demotivated staff – let the direct cost of recruiting.

Does this feel familiar?



Alex was a highly skilled manager whose specialist expertise was critical to the business achieving its goals for customer growth.  Failure to meet these goals would have substantial negative impact on the company’s share price.  But Alex was ready for a new challenge and starting to take calls from head-hunters.

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Tim was an MD who had been successfully leading a growing business for 10 years.  As an industry expert, he’d needed little formal development in the role and worked autonomously. Never wanting to become complacent, he started to question whether he was still getting the best out of his team and himself. He was also frustrated that he was unable to devote as much attention as he wanted to the company’s term strategy. His HR Manager suggested that he might benefit from working with an executive coach who could provide an independent perspective.

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