Promoted leaders taking responsibility

Stepping up and can’t afford to fail?

Recruiters won’t admit it, but around 25% of people fail in new jobs. Why? Because past accomplishments are no guarantee of success in a new role; it can take time to build new relationships, adapt to a different working culture, and figure out priorities. In a demanding environment, there isn’t the time to learn, but neither is failure an option.

Does this feel familiar?



Steve was new to his role. He was recruited to a high profile executive role in a new organisation, formed from several smaller agencies. But his CEO wasn’t confident that he could get his new management team – and the department as a whole – moving fast enough to hit aggressive deadlines. That’s where we came in. He wanted to see a noticeable difference in the way Steve and his team were working, and set a five month deadline.

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Amir was a Fund Manager  promoted onto  the main board and assuming CEO responsibility for his part of the business.  This brought an  increased public profile, media appearances and much more exposure to investors.  We coached him in presentation skills so that he was confident, relaxed and credible.

Result: Successful transition and performance, built strong relationship with board and investors.